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not actually me

not actually me


I’m currently contributing editor for features with Spectrum, the autism research news site. The features won two awards from the Association for Health Care Journalists in 2017, and two in 2016. Previously, I was special projects editor at Discover, developing issues devoted to one big subject: The Brain, Evolution, Extreme Earth.

I’ve edited for a variety of publications: Shaping Discover‘s massive Year in Science issue, transforming technical articles for Scientific American Mind, and polishing up features for Nautilus (recent winner of multiple National Magazine Awards).

Before that, I was senior editor at Psychology Today. One of the best stories I assigned and edited there was a sharp take on modern partnership: The Great Soul Mate Quest. The story was a funny, pointed look at our impossible expectations for dating and marriage.

In the late 1990s, I was senior editor at City Limits, New York City’s tiny feisty investigative magazine-that-could. I scooped the NYT on stories about conflicts of interest in the mayor’s beloved Welfare-to-Work program, and the death of a Brooklyn teenager caused in part by negligent housing code enforcement. As an editor, one of the stories I was most proud of was The Great Escape, written by rookie librarian Holbrook Sample about his internship at a New York State maximum security prison, Eastern Correctional. He’d never written for a magazine before, and I helped him craft his impressions into a fascinating story starring the leader of the inmate clerks, a charismatic felon and voracious reader.